I have never worked with an interior designer before, how does this work?

  • I will make an initial visit to your home or workplace.  On that first visit, I will talk with you about what your design needs are.  I will ask you how you want the space to “feel”, look and function.  I will take necessary measurements and inventory of items you wish to use/keep.  Then I go back to my studio and come up with a design concept.  We will meet again at my studio to go over my ideas.  This is where the collaboration really starts.  I need your feedback to make the space your own.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for your initial visit?

  • I do ask my clients to look at magazines or go to Houzz.com.  Select pictures of things you like and don’t like.  While you may not see any rhyme or reason to your selections, it gets you to think about your likes and dislikes.  In addition, I can typically see a pattern to your taste.
  • Think about a realistic budget for your project.  I don’t want to leave out a choice because I “assume” it is out of your price range, by the same token, I don’t want to tease you with things that are not in your budget.
  • Prepare to have fun and enjoy the design process!  I help you wade through the myriad of choices, so we only look at things that meet your needs.

How do you charge for your services?

  • I have a flat hourly rate that I charge for time that we are together and for my design research/concept time.
  • The products that I specify for your project typically can be purchased through me.  Product pricing is determined by my cost of the item, plus time for order expediting, follow up, coordinating delivery and installation.  That amount varies depending on the item ordered.
  •  If I shop for you in a retail store or online I charge my hourly rate for the “shopping” time.
  • Some clients prefer a fixed fee for consulting on a project.  I have a pricing structure for that scenario that is based on the scope of the project.

Do you have carpenters, painters, remodelers you can recommend?

  • Absolutely!  I have cultivated a great group of craftspeople that I am proud to recommend.  They are prompt, reliable, and stand behind their work.
  • I am also happy to work with any tradespeople you prefer to use.

I am a busy professional and don’t have a lot of time to oversee my project.  Do you provide that service?

  • Absolutely, I am happy to manage your project and coordinate the team working in your home.  You do not need to sweat the details. I believe my job is to make the process as easy and pleasurable as possible.  I will come to you with solutions to the issues that inevitably come up during a project.

Projects are individually conceived to reflect the needs of each client. Our interiors are known for clean, elegant details with an emphasis on color and materials that embrace both the architectural and decorative elements of a space.