New Year, New Design

interior design kansas city, ramsey interiors, kathleen ramsey, modern designWhat’s better than new? New car. New hairstyle. New clothes.

With a new year, there’s an opportunity for a new look – a new look in your surroundings.

Sometimes, it means a new paint color. Sometimes it’s new decor. And sometimes, just a good ol’ makeover of a room.

What room have you been putting off from becoming the living space it needs to be?

What about that room that just seems to be the junk collector? Maybe your living area has become your kids playroom. Have the kids moved out and you’re still holding on to the teenage decor? Maybe you’re kids have moved back and you’ve had to rearrange! And don’t even talk about your bedroom! That’s usually the last place we take care.

The point is: what room or rooms in your home are screaming for help and you’re reminded every time you walk into that space? Talk about negative energy to your living environment!

Comment below – let’s chat. That’s why I’m here.

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